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Jo’s 60th Birthday

Jo’s 60th birthday party for family and friends
The tiny ballroom above Pub on the Park (East London)
To create a lovely coherent theme to celebrate Jo’s birthday. Jo is a piano teacher and musician with a rich musical heritage that we wanted to reflect through the decor.
A small budget for a big day


What we did

Jo’s musical heritage was the perfect start point; it’s what makes her who she is. I acquired books of old sheet music from her that she no longer wanted (I told her it was for a school art project) and then turned it into metres and metres of sheet music bunting and paper chains.

The ballroom above this pub is gorgeous in a diminutive way. It has classic floor to ceiling windows and great proportions so it was important that the decor should play to its strengths. We strung the bunting too and fro across the room, put Jo’s photos up around the walls and used the musical paper chains in the bar area. In both spaces we added balloons and felt garlands in Jo’s favourite colours. These colourful touches added so much; without them the space would’ve felt rather cold.

Jo is a lover of flowers but the small budget meant we couldn’t do an expensive flower market run. Instead I got Jo to pick flowers from her own and neighbours garden and we hot-footed it round to Tesco the day before the party and picked up their reduced flowers at VERY low cost. Had I not managed to get these I would’ve added a few gerberas or something else colourful to her friends and neighbours flowers. We placed little displays on all the tables and had enough flowers to create beautiful arrangements on the mantlepiece in the fireplace and on the bar.

Top tips

Use a limited budget to inspire resourcefulness. We spent very little on materials for Jo’s party yet created a party scheme with real impact that was totally personal to Jo.

My takeaway tip from this party is to work with the space when installing your decorations. The decor should enhance the space not detract from it or fight it.

The Verdict

We specialise in personalised party decor that brings our client’s life and personality to life, so I’m very happy that Jo loved her party and the fact that it reflected her so closely. I’ll let her tell you…

  My 60th Birthday party was properly enhanced by Clare’s beautiful  decorations, involving massive amounts of handmade BUNTING using old sheet music which was absolutely my delight and the flowers and table decorations were totally perfect. The personal identification of what I needed for my party at this significant point in my life was perfect. Frou Frou Days have the knowledge and the skills and the love to do it right. Huge love xxxx closing speech marks


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