Party Reports

Nick’s Hawaiian Party

A grown-up Hawaiian party in rainy September. Just because.
Nick’s home
To bring hot sunny Haiwaii to E3
Time! I had to create the whole theme at 2 days notice.


What we did

The main living room space was asking for something bold and beautiful. Nick’s flatmate had a roll of bright orange paper that he’d kept since college days so I decided to make giant hibiscus flowers using his paper and some more I bought in.

So huge pink and orange fluoro hibiscus flowers it was, with tantalisingly huge stamens naturally! There was no tutorial to follow so I created the design myself from scratch.

Additional hibiscus flowers wound their way up and down the stairs while we finished off the staircase with paper flower garlands.

The garden was a delight. Nick and his flatmate created a volcano, yes a volcano that smoked during the evening. So we just added brollies and flowers and lots of other fun bits.

Upstairs we hung paper pineapples all over the place. The room had films playing all night projected onto the walls, so it just needed a bit of extra silliness to carry the theme upstairs.

Top party tips

The giant hibiscus flowers made a fantastic impact downstairs, so we didn’t really need much else. The cocktails flowed and a big pile of luaus ensured everyone was in the party spirit from the moment they arrived.

My takeaway tip from this party is to create an impactful focal point for your celebration. This sets the tone for the rest of the decor which can then be placed where and when it works. This is particularly useful in a domestic setting where you need to work with the existing furnishings and decor.

The verdict

Nick and friends had a blast and the Hawaiian theme brought the sun marching into Bow while it rained outside.



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