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Irene’s Family Lunch Party

A family and friends lunch celebration to celebrate baby son’s christening and daughter’s 4th birthday

Roman Road Adventure Playground
To create bright and cheerful surroundings for this relaxed family and friends lunch party
How to successfully decorate a visually hectic space

Irene's party venue before

What we did

Fight colour with colour we say!

Rather than trying to hide the hectic surroundings we went for a bright and bold decor scheme that would compliment the surroundings and and stand out loud and proud. We did cover some of the busiest walls but left the artwork on the rest. As well as suiting the venue an overload of colour worked well for this lunchtime party full of children and cheer, with friends and family gathering from as far away as Italy to celebrate.

perfect decor for a fun family lunch party

So crepe paper streamers and honeycomb tissue paper balls of all sizes and colours were our close friends. Crepe paper streamers are one of the oldest, cheapest and most colourful party decorations money can buy. At about £1.50 for 24 metres you get a lot for your money.

Tissue paper balls are another favourite, we have some amazing ombré balls at my parents’ house that they’ve been (non)religiously putting up every Christmas since time began. They’re from Habitat in the 70s I think. Must check this year.

So these two party classics are a perfect combination and they’re given a new twist when used in force. We strung the crepe paper streamers close together, uniformly and to and fro straight across the room for maximum impact. More is definitely more!

The paper balls break up the sight lines and the ceiling was high enough at one end for my precious giant tissue paper balls to come out of hiding for a rare outing. They’re vintage beauties and they’re beginning to show their age but they’re really impressive.

We laid the tables with bright tablecloths to echo the streamers and bring the scheme together, the perfect setting for a delicious Italian feast.

Irene's party table and flowers

Top tips

While this décor scheme is cheap to create it does require TIME to bring it to life. So we were up and down ladders like gazelles for a good few hours (can gazelles climb ladders?), but I hope you’ll agree it was worth the effort.

My takeaway tip from this party is to carefully consider how long it’ll take to achieve your desired effect. Climbing and repositioning ladders takes time, a lot of time when you have so many streamers to put up. We spaced them about 10cm apart and positioned them precisely. Uniformity is key here.

The verdict

Irene, her family and friends were delighted and enjoyed a fantastic lunch that was as colourful as the surroundings. (With permission) we left the streamers up for the adventure playground kids to enjoy the following week and the paper balls got carefully folded away for another day.

Irene and family




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