Inspiring Decor for Public Occasions

With so much competition for the public’s attention charitable and community events have to stand out to get noticed.

That’s where we come in; we create strong visual identities and fantastic decor for community-based special occasions to help attract supporters, increase engagement and be as exciting and engaging they can be!

Action Men performing on stage at Roman Road Festival 2016

resourceful and fabulous

We bring colour and cheer to community and charity events, inspiring involvement and setting the scene for genuine community fun.


We create strong visual identities for local community festivals, such as on our home turf in Roman Road, East London. Colourful festive surroundings help build a sense of togetherness here, whether it be a magical Santa’s Grotto, a bonkers Bake Off tent or a colourful children’s corner. We create these pop-up party places to bring neighbours together; it’s all about setting the scene to bring people together for community joy.

We also understand the need to maximise resources and minimise budget spend. On community projects it’s often all about getting maximum value from limited resources and we are past masters at this.

w/s festival with visitors and community made decor street party

community creativity

Community décor projects are a perfect way to get local people involved in your event long before the big day. We can devise and run decor workshops to appeal to local people of all ages and backgrounds. They come along to create beautiful decorations that take pride of place at the event. We work in schools, elderly care homes, refuges, after school clubs and playgroups; encouraging them all to get creative. And come festival day these creative individuals come out from their homes to see their decorations on display; a real sense of pride in their contribution. This grass roots creativity brings people together and helps them feel proud.

3 girls at Roman Road festival wearing hats they've made


We work with charities of all shapes and sizes to help them host eye-catching and appealing events. Great decor sets the scene and helps create an atmosphere of cheer and generosity, to boost your organisation’s profile and its fundraising efforts.

We style events of all sizes from charity balls and fundraising parties to small scale community gatherings. Whatever the size, let us help you make it extra special by injecting it with colour and distinction.

charity party colourful backdrop for church

Frou Frou Days are like little fairies with magic wands who come and transform your space into party land! They turned my very blank church space into a magical one, creating a focal stage space for our performers and decorating our tables beautifully. 

It was such an easy process for me, there were bespoke and imaginative answers for every challenge. I will most definitely be using them again for our gigs and fundraisers and highly recommend them to create the right atmosphere.
Marie McLeod, Depression Changes Minds

Sharing the Party Love

Each month we create a themed decor box for the fabulous Cocktails in Care Homes project, run by East London Charity MagicMe. The monthly decor box contains room decorations like bunting, decor for the tables always including tactile objects, little accessories and props plus things for the residents to wear. The themes are daft and each month we make sure the boxes are full of bright and cheery decor and items to inspire chat and fun between residents and volunteer party hosts. The decor has to be very quick and easy to put up and take down and robust enough to last 10-12 homes per month.

The party themes we provide add extra sparkle to the parties and help the elderly folk recall childhood memories and stories from their lives. We get items donated from shops and prop companies and make others ourselves. Here is Marjorie and a volunteer host enjoying our seaside theme which also included a mini sandpit for the residents to make sandcastles, plus nautical bunting and SEAGULLS!!

We firmly believe that everyone should have the chance to celebrate and this is one of the ways we share the party love a little bit wider. We’d love to do more of this kind of work so get in touch if we can help with this or other community and charity events to make them as special as they deserve to be.

seaside party elderly resident and volunteer posing in sunglasses