What exactly is party styling?

It’s creating decor, the visuals for a party to make it extra special. Think of it as creating the set for a theatre production. It sets the scene perfectly and creates the right atmosphere for a party, so everyone knows they are in for a fine time! We firmly believe that great decor can take an event to a new level and make it super special and really memorable. This is based on firsthand knowledge and experience, as you’ll find out if you read our story.

What is an immersive party?

The most elaborate Frou Frou Days events are immersive wonderlands. It’s about losing yourself in your party’s surroundings, rather than the decor being a simple add on. We’re very happy to do simple decor schemes as well, but we are skilled at creating very detailed environments; feasts for the eyes and other senses, full of little touches to surprise and wow you. We focus on details because we think this is where the magic lies.

What’s this about partying with purpose?

We firmly believe that partying with purpose is the future. We can all do our bit when celebrating to give back and benefit someone else in society who is less fortunate. It doesn’t have to cost more and is often about lateral thinking. We have loads of ideas to share with our clients about how they can party with purpose so just contact us if you’d like to know more.

For our part we try to be as eco-friendly and socially responsible as possible. This is a side of the business we want to develop, at the moment these are small but important beginnings in an industry that is notoriously wasteful. We’d love to speak to you if you either want ideas of how you can party with purpose or can suggest ideas and suppliers we should speak to.

Right now we:

     Try to waste less and we reuse, recycle and repurpose things all the time. You can often find us rolling up little bit of ribbon or scooping up handfuls of sparkles to reuse. We’re not very good at throwing things away.

     Minimise use of ecologically unfriendly products. We don’t use mylar balloons or plastic items much at all unless they are reusable.

     See beauty in vintage, secondhand and preloved-everything. We avoid buying new when we can.

 Buy local and small whenever possible. If you are a London-based purveyor of fine party things we could use or suggest to our clients please contact us directly.

    Volunteer for local charities and other good causes to decorate parties for them and spread the party love a bit wider.

Work with local social enterprises, for example to get our bunting made.

     Support and recommend ethical suppliers of party treats to enable us and our clients to give back while celebrating.

What’s your pricing structure?

For bespoke party decor we offer a three-tiered service depending on the level of involvement you need from us.

Broadly speaking a bespoke decor job always consists of the following elements:

     Concept design work

Time (and sometimes direct labour) to create/make/source and curate all the elements for the final scheme

Time to install the decor

    Time to remove the decor (much quicker than installation which can be quite involved and intense!)

    Cost of materials

The final price will depend upon how much you have of each of these elements. This varies according to your design wishes, the complexity of the design, the scale and type of event and the location/venue.

It’s not possible to publish a price list because of all these variables but after a phone consultation with you we provide a full quote for your consideration.

Our parties in a box start at £20 per head plus delivery and collection.

Why should I decorate my party with Frou Frou Days?

There are lots of possible reasons. Here are a few:

confetti bullet point light blue You want really special, unique party decor designed especially for your event.

confetti bullet point pink You want a fun, detailed party environment created to fit your personality or brand, your venue and the occasion.

confetti bullet point inky blue You want a personal, attentive service.

confetti bullet point yellow You want to create a unique occasion and a lifetime of memories for your guests.

confetti bullet point pink You want the reassurance of working with a company with strong project and budget management skills as well as creative talent.

confetti bullet point light blue You want to focus on getting yourself ready while we get your venue ready.

See how we work for more information on the process.

How do I know Frou Frou Days will be the right fit for me?

This is important for both of us. There’s no point contracting us if we’re not a good match. We create one off party environments using a mix of handmade and carefully chosen decor for clients who are looking for something different, high quality and hand curated.

If you’re a creative human being yourself or you appreciate and would like to hire in this kind of creativity then we should be a good fit.

Have a good look around the website, for example at our party reports so you can get a feel for the work we do. Our story and how we work should also help you build up a picture of us.

And of course – just contact us to find out more. We’re very happy to talk through how we can help and whether we’re a good fit.

I want my party to be fabulously styled by Frou Frou Days, how do we get started?

Yay! Just contact Frou Frou Days straight away. We look forward to speaking to you. Let’s get this party started!

What locations do you cover?

East London is our home turf, so we shimmy all over London and since we have legs, wheels and passports we can travel too. Our party boxes and hire items can be sent all over the U.K. since they have (courier) wheels of their own.

Does your quote include fitting, delivery, removal etc?

Yes, for our bespoke decor services we quote for the complete job including delivery, installation and removal.

Our parties in a box are the DIY option. We deliver everything to you, you use the contents and then we arrange collection of the reusable elements. The delivery/collection charge is payable by the client.

Our hirable party decor can either be dry hired or we can install it for you.

What are your payment terms?

For bespoke parties…

50% non-refundable deposit payable upon agreement. Your remaining party balance is due within 14 days of the party date.

For parties in a box…

Payment is due in full upon purchase.

For hired party decor items…

The hire charge is due upon ordering, together with a damage waiver.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Within 8 weeks of the party date: 50% of total party fee.

Within 4 weeks of the party date: 75% of the total party fee.

Within 14 days of the party date: 100% of the total party fee.

In the event of illness or injury forcing you to cancel your event we will do our best to accommodate an alternative date. If we hire in items or services you will be obliged to pay the charges according to their terms of service.

Party cancellation by Frou Frou Days would result in a full refund.

Do you require a damage deposit?

Yes, for any items hired or used from our stock. The deposit covers the cost of re-making or purchasing a replacement item.

If we hire in items from third parties on your behalf they may have their own damage deposit which you will be responsible for paying.

Your damage deposit will be returned in full once the goods are returned to us in good order, ready for re-use.

I need to add some extras or make changes, is there a cut off point to book these before the party?

This will vary depending on what you need. We always do our best to help and there’s usually a solution.

If you make significant changes to the agreed scheme we will need to charge for work done and materials purchased to that point. 

Are any party themes off limits?

We don’t style licensed parties such as Disney and Nickelodeon themes however we can create frozen palaces and space stations.

I’m a bit worried about scammers

We are alarmed too, to hear about seemingly growing numbers 0f scammers who are ready to rip people off, especially in relation to wedding planning.

Tread carefully with all your suppliers, check what they are going to deliver, when and how and check out their testimonials and social media channels for feedback. There are a few Facebook Groups to help couples getting married avoid trouble, for example Wedding scams, brides & companies to be aware of.

If the price looks too good to be true then to be honest it probably is. Good suppliers are professionals and they charge accordingly.

Look out for websites without proper contact details and sites whose photos look as though they could’ve been trawled from Google.

Consider getting wedding insurance.

With regard Frou Frou Days we believe our reputation goes before us but if you’d like extra re-assurance we can put you in touch with some of our happy customers for you to double check.

Frou Frou Days is a sole trader business registered with HMRC.

Any other questions?

Please just ask! You’re not under any obligation at all and we always like to talk about people’s special celebrations. You can also look at our story and how we work for more information about us and our values.