Bringing Frou Frou Days to life

The journey that led to Frou Frou Days is a long and sparkly one strewn with glitter and glue!

When I was little my Mum and Dad made amazing cakes for mine and my brother’s birthdays. These days fancy decorated cakes are commonplace but then they were surprising and very special indeed.

Then when I turned 5 my Dad took things to another level when he made me a gigantic 3D fairy castle complete with towers and lit-up coloured cellophane windows. I remember my absolute joy, dancing around it with my friends and feeling so much pride knowing my Dad had made it with love, just for me!

1960s tea party with children and humpty dumpty cake including Clare Burgess

Those amazing memories have stayed with me to this day, and they have driven my passion to help other people create amazing, memorable special occasions.

Parties for a new generation

My own children gave me the perfect opportunity to play and unleash my inner child. During their young years I transformed our kitchen into a jungle, a seaside complete with sand and seagulls, a pirate treasure island with a 3D cardboard cannon made with my ever creative dad, and a glorious sweetieland filled with oversized candy flowers. I loved watching all the kids at our parties; captivated, over-excited and joyful in our pop-up wonderlands.

Kids’ parties matter so much because the opportunities to celebrate our children’s birthdays are really limited. Children have maybe 8 birthdays where they are old enough to appreciate a fabulous party and young enough to actually want one! That’s a miniscule 8 days out of their entire 18-year childhood; just 0.00001% of those precious years. So surely it has to be worth doing fabulously well!

line of children queuing for party game in back garden. Includes Clare Burgess

the importance of parties

But parties are definitely hard work. We live hectic lives and there are never enough hours in the day to make our dreams come true. That’s why we’re here; to help you turn a wish for an amazing and memorable party into reality. Whatever the age or occasion, we can help you create a day for you to love and remember.

Of course you don’t have to throw a lavish party every time, and we’re all for the DIY hands-on approach. But there are times when it’s right to go the extra mile. A party is a time-honoured way of celebrating what it is to be human; to acknowledge our life’s journey and look forward to shared futures.

Our kids and their friends still talk about the ridiculous children’s parties we created for them, just as our friends still talk about our wedding. It was (cough, cough) a long time ago and back then weddings were much more formulaic. But we struck out and did our own thing, choosing the bits we liked and ignoring the rest. I wore a fuchsia pink and red dress and we made huge papier maché flowers to decorate the venue. I worked closely with my fab florist from the Royal Opera House to create beautiful and bright floral arrangements containing fruit that people could pluck and eat.

My only regret about this truly amazing occasion is that I spent the day before and the morning of my wedding day running around putting balloons and those papier maché flowers up, looking for lost tablecloths and artfully arranging plant pots, instead of sipping champagne and getting ready for the biggest day of my life. This is one of the driving forces behind Frou Frou Days; I want other people to be able to enjoy their special day knowing that the important job of transforming the venue is being taken care of by an expert team.

Clare Burgess headshot with confetti. Wide shot

Family and friends all contributed to our special day and we encourage others to do the same. It’s such an amazing feeling knowing that special people in your life have contributed to the fabric of the event. My Mum and Dad still get dragged into the creating process, even though they’re now in their 80s and I treasure their continued involvement. Oh and we still have my Dad’s cardboard cannon hidden in the loft.

My parents heloing make garlands