It’s all about you!


We can create personalised party decorations featuring YOU, the star of your party or a missing guest to bring extra special frivolity to your celebration.

All our personalised party decorations are fun, handcrafted and built to last. They become treasured keepsakes, used each year for endless laughter and merriment.

Whatever the age of your party star it’s never too late to inject personalised silliness into their celebration, so commission us now to immortalise the star of your party or an absent friend.

The list of what can be personalised is limitless; bottle labels, badges, lollipops to name a few. Here are our most popular lines, but as ever your wish is our command.

Personalised bunting

A string of personalised bunting is a funny and fab addition for birthdays of all ages and the kind of magic that memories are made of. 

Prices start at £50 for a string of 6 party faces on 2m of lovely colourful string. Our personalised bunting is handmade from start to finish; from cutting out each face, making the hats and fringing the tissue paper pom poms.

Your bunting can be themed to suit the occasion. Cheeky monkey bunting? Check. Astronaut faces across your kitchen? Yup. A string of personalised bunting featuring your baby or young child will be a very special thing to bring out every year.

Personalised bunting man's face wearing party hats

Personalised party masks

Send us a fave picture of yourself or the star of your party and we’ll enhance it, blow it up and turn it into a ridiculous mask on a stick.

A container of masks in the entrance to your party will have everyone laughing from the moment they arrive.

Or we can help you bring a missing Very Important Guest to your party, immortalised on a mask.

The price for a single mask wearing a handmade party hat is £20 plus p&p and the more you order the cheaper they get.

Cartoon photo frames

We can create portraits in cartoon frames to adorn your party walls.

Send us good quality images that we can enlarge and enhance and we’ll do the rest.

Price on application depending on size and requirements.

Pin the X on the X

We can print you a super-sized print that you can use as a personalised pin the X on the X game. Could be a red nose on the star of your party, or a moustache, or anything else your heart desires!

Polaroid bunting

For something slightly cooler than monkey-faced tomfoolery why not hang ‘polaroid’ type photos of yourself, your life, your family and friends. String them up in the party space to bring people together, create jolly conversation and bring back happy memories.

You can send us the pictures and we’ll faf about creating the pictures for you. Or of course you can just do it yourselves! It’s not hard, it just takes time!

Polaroid bunting being strung up by girl

Anything else?

We’re constantly thinking up new bits of personalised silliness and if you have any ideas you’d like us to bring to life don’t hesitate to ask.

Silly is very good and we’re here to help you inject MORE of it into your special day.

Our personalised decorations also make fantastic, completely unique gifts for birthdays and betrothed couples. Just sayin’!

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