It’s all about you!

We think a party is extra fun if the decor is personalised to you. So we can create personalised party decor featuring YOU (or the birthday person) to add an extra layer of silliness and personality to your party.

All our personalised party decor is handcrafted by us; quirky and built to last. This matters because in our experience personalised decorations become treasured keepsakes, something special to be brought out each year along with the birthday hat.

Personalised bunting made for your child when they’re little becomes a very special thing when they turn 21.

It’s never too late to inject personalised silliness into celebrations; it’s what makes them truly special and completely unique, however old the birthday child is!

The ideas of what we can and have personalised are endless; here are just a few of the most popular ones:

Personalised bunting

How about a string of personalised bunting featuring the party celebrant’s face grinning at all your guests. This is a funny and fab addition to birthday parties of all ages and the kind of magic touch that memories are made of.

If your party is themed we can theme the bunting too – perhaps you’d like cheeky monkey bunting or to have your birthday child floating in space. Or of course the old favourite; wearing a classic party hat – a sure fire winner for young or old.

Personalised bunting man's face wearing party hats

Polaroid bunting

At a grown up celebration it’s great to feature photos of yourself with family and friends for everyone to enjoy.

For something slightly cooler than monkey-faced tomfoolery why not create tons of pictures of yourselves printed in classic ‘polaroid’ frames.  Strung up with pegs on lovely bakers twine they are a cool and fun decoration for everyone to enjoy.

Choose photos that recall important moments in your life, featuring friends, family and pets as well as yourselves. String them up in the party space to bring people together, create conversation and evoke happy memories.

You can send us the pictures and we’ll faf about creating the pictures for you. Or of course you can just do it yourselves! It’s not hard, it just takes time!

Polaroid bunting being strung up by girl

Cartoon photo frames

Alternatively go big – we can provide a selection of large hand painted cartoon frames for you to fill with your favourite pics.

You can either print the photos yourself or send them to us and we’ll do it for you. For a truly personal service we can even come to your house and help you find those perfect snaps, whether they’re hiding on your computer or piled up in a box. You need to find good quality images that will stand being enlarged of course.

Let us dust off those important pics, print them up and put them into our fab oversized cartoon frames to be propped up around the party venue.  

Personalised party masks

If you can have your face on a length of bunting you can also have it on ready to wear party masks. We can print off your fave picture of yourself, blow it up and turn it into a ridiculous mask on a stick. A container of those in the entrance to your party will have everyone laughing from the word go.

Anything else?

We’re constantly thinking up new bits of personalised silliness and if you have any ideas you’d like us to bring to life don’t hesitate to ask.

Silly is good, very good in our world and we’re here to help you inject MORE of it into your day.

Find out more

Just contact us to find out more. After a few questions we can give you a price for your totally personalised decorations that we’re quite sure you will love and treasure.

Oh and as well as being great for your own celebration, our personalised decorations also make fantastic presents for big birthdays and betrothed couples. Just sayin’!

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