We understand that prospective clients want to know how much our styling is likely to cost and the value of what they are paying for. We’re the same when we’re paying out for something significant.

We can’t give exact prices for the work we do as each job is so different, but here’s an attempt to explain our party decor prices and what you can expect to get for your money.

We hope the following information is a useful guide and can form the basis of a conversation with you about your party needs and likely investment in decor.

If you have any questions about pricing don’t hesitate to ask.

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Bespoke Party Decor Pricing

For bespoke party decor we offer a three-tiered service:

Confetti bullet point orange  Lord of Misrule – We are with you from the concept stage and work right through to installation and removal of your decor.

confetti bullet point inky blue Party Queen – You know what you want but your Pinterest board is bulging and you don’t have the time, inclination or maybe the confidence to make the right creative choices, source everything and make it all happen.

confetti bullet point yellow Knight in Shining Armour – You’ve designed your own decor scheme, sourced and bought everything and you need someone to install (and remove) everything for you on the day, just as you want it.

Key Elements of a Bespoke Decor Job

Broadly speaking a bespoke decor job always consists of the following elements. How much the job costs partly depends on how much time is needed for each of these elements:

confetti bullet point pink Initial client consultation – this is free and is an opportunity for us to understand what you want, learn about your event and venue and find out how we can help. This is essential for all bespoke decor jobs.

confetti bullet point light blue Design – the time and effort required to create a decor scheme that will suit you, your venue and the occasion. If you have chosen the Lord of Misrule Service we will be involved right from the start at this design phase.

confetti bullet point yellow Creation – the time and effort needed to create, make, collect, source and curate all the elements for your chosen decor scheme. If you choose the Party Queen service this is where we join you.

confetti bullet point pink Liaison with venue and other key suppliers – we nearly always need to make a site visit. We measure up and check fixings, speak to the venue about working with them, what is and isn’t possible, timings and other logistics. We may also need to liaise with other key suppliers. For the Knight in Shining Armour package this is where the work begins to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

Confetti bullet point orange  Installation – time and effort required to install the decor scheme at the venue. This can be quite intense depending on access to the venue and timeframes. Sometimes we throw a whole team at this stage in order to get everything done in quick order and to our exacting standards.

confetti bullet point light blue Removal – time and effort required to de-install and remove the decor from the venue. Usually much quicker than installation but still needs to be done with care and then all re-usable decor returned to its rightful home/s and any hired items returned.

confetti bullet point inky blue Cost of materials, purchased decor and labour. We recharge at cost and don’t add any percentage. As every job is bespoke we don’t buy in bulk so often pay retail prices. We do however have special discounts with our key suppliers which we pass on to our customers.

Variables per Job

As well as the core elements for every job there are a number of variables that will affect the final price. You can influence the first of these variables yourself of course. Your venue is the other key factor:

confetti bullet point pink The complexity of your design and the size of your dream!

confetti bullet point inky blue The amount and type of materials/items we need to purchase/hire for your event

confetti bullet point yellow The size and number of space/s to decorate

confetti bullet point light blue The venue’s existing decor (if any) and ease of decorating

Confetti bullet point orange  Practicalities like venue location, ease of access, timings, travel, delivery costs etc. 

Consultation and quote

The free phone consultation enables us to talk through all these variables and provide you with a quote for the work.

As well as the decor itself you are investing in a business that prides itself in working closely with and supporting our clients. We are flexible, responsive and eager to please; we want your day to look exactly how you want and we will do our level best to make that happen. You can be as involved or not with the process as you please. We can take your idea and run with it or you can work with us throughout.

Once we have agreed a price we will work to it. We may occasionally suggest additions if we think they will make all the difference to your event decor but usually we stay within the agreed budget and parameters. Of course changes and additions will be extra to the agreed fee and clearly explained to you as and when they arise.

As well as our design expertise and experience you are also getting extensive project and budget management skills. Clare worked in television production for many years, in fact she began her TV career first as a production accountant, then as a production manager before moving across to editorial roles and becoming a BBC series producer. She brings this unique combination of skills with her to Frou Frou Days. While it looks like a lot of sparkly fun (and it is), it’s also essential to project manage jobs and budgets effectively and Clare has more years of project and event management experience than she cares to mention.

Ultimately we want you to feel reassured as well as inspired when you work with us.

The bottom line

The Lord of Misrule bespoke decor service starts from around £1000

Party Queen service starts from £800

Knight in Shining Armour service starts from £600

Please note that these prices do not include materials costs which, as mentioned are re-charged to our clients at cost. Materials can cost anything from about £200, with £500 being a more usual figure and of course the sky’s the limit.

If you want the moon on a string and stars in your pocket it will inevitably cost more, but be worth every penny in our humble opinion.

Simpler, cheaper options

For a simpler decor solution we can provide a simple fairy lights and bunting package for grown up celebrations. There still are variables such as the the amount of bunting and lights required for the room, location and the complexity of decorating the space, but these Party Sparkle packages start at £400 including labour to install and remove the decor for you. This service is available in London only.

For children’s parties we offer a DIY party in a box which starts at £30 per head for lovely decor and tableware, curated especially for your child’s party and delivered to your door. Delivery and collection are extra.